SDAB-160 A beautiful female student goes to a hot spring with old men

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Marina Saito is a newly graduated student in a small village. Because of her difficult family situation, she had to work early to have money to cover her personal expenses. One day she received a prize. An old man in the neighborhood hired him to work at a hot spring near his house. There was a pick-up truck to take him to the place and the job description was quite easy, so she immediately agreed. After getting there, she changed clothes. She initially thought that the job was not as the broker said, but because of the money, she had to happily do it, her job was to make the customers happy while soaking in the hot spring. It sounds like entertaining customers, but it's true that she has to serve customers from a to z, but from the first day, she was able to serve many people at the same time. It was truly a joy. Please enjoy the movie of this cute girl.